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Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, 2 Speeds, 3 Brush Heads, Clean Face Pro System 2 Colors

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About the Product

Rechargeable Face Cleaning Brush, Removing Makeup and Skin Care Must Have

  • SUPER FAST SHIPPING! Expedited or Second Day Delivery in United States, UK, Canada or Japan
  • MAKES YOU FEEL FRESHER AND HEALTHIER! Cleanses and refreshes skin for faster, more effective absorption of creams, moisturizers or even medications. Look and feel younger! Exfoliates while cleansing and shrinking pores to reduce oily skin, troublesome acne, or unsightly peeling
  • TWO-SPEED ACTION CLEANS IN JUST 60 SECONDS! Two speed settings with built-in one-minute pulsing T-Zone timer cleanses six times better than hand-washing alone.
  • EXQUISITELY STYLED SILVER CASE! Comes with useful accessories including an all-cotton headband and beautiful velvet storage bag. Great gift idea! Excellent for use at home, or take it with you conveniently when you travel.
  • THREE BRUSH HEADS INCLUDED! Comes with 3 brush heads (1 Normal/Sensitive, 1 Acne, 1 Deep Cleansing) for gentle, yet effective, cleansing that leaves your face feeling clean, pure and radiant.
  • GIVE YOUR FACE LUXURIANT CARE EVERY DAY with PleasingCare® sonic facial cleansing brush.

Product Description

Sonic Beauty Skin Face Cleaning Brush Water-Resistant with Brush Heads System

Cleaning is the first step of skin care. PleasingCare Sonic Cleansing Face Brush, consisting of a removable brush head and rechargeable electric handle unit, use more than 300 times per second swing oscillation frequency of sound wave, more effectively and deeply clean, cleansing six times better than your hands alone, the effect is much better than the traditional surface cleaning way, and more gentle than simple rotary cleaning apparatus. Bring smooth and transparent, glittering healthy skin for users.

The oscillation is so fast it looks like a blur. The outside rows of bristles remain still.

The brush head bristles are made from non-porous, soft elastomeric polyester material resistant to bacterial attachment.

We recommend replacing the brush heads every 3 months as the bristles become fatigued and therefore less effective over time.

Suitable skin types: all skin type
Suitable people: urban young, fashion, white-collar workers, business people, beautiful people, and aging people


Product Functions:
1. Exfoliator, clean pores, shrink pores, reduce oily skin oil, peeling, and acne elimination.
2. Smooth skin, fade out fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin younger.
3. Promote the absorption of skin care products.
4. The use effect is very mild, available twice a day.
5. The body wash, can be used in the bathroom.
6. The bristles are extremely gentle, brush surface adopts nonporous design, not easy adherent bacteria, easy to clean, and suggested to replace the brush head once every three months.
7. The first time charge for 24 hours, after each time charge can generally be 15 days or so of continuous use.

100% safe non-toxic environmental protection material. The brush head bristles are made from non-porous, soft elastomeric polyester material resistant to bacterial attachment. We recommend replacing the brush heads every 3 months as the bristles become fatigued and therefore less effective over time.

Prior to the first use, charge the PleasingCare brush handle for 24 hours. If you use makeup, remove eye makeup by hand. Wet your skin and the brush head with warm water. Liberally apply cleanser to your skin or to the brush head. Push the on/off button to turn your brush on and gently move it using a small circular motion, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the nose/chin area and the cheeks. Pressing too hard will impede the motion of the brush and reduce its use age.

1: Can I use the brush every day? Does that hurt my skin?
A: You can use it per day. It won't hurt your skin, as the brush head does not rotate or spin. The inside brush head bristles oscillate 10 degrees in either direction working at 300 movements per second.

2: How to use the brush? May I use my own facial cleanser?
A: Recommend to daub facial cleanser on the face first, and then begin with the face brush. It is recommended to use your own facial cleanser.

3: Does the brush water-resistant?
A: Yes, made by sonic air compressor technology, 100% waterproof, can be used in the bathroom. But we do not suggest put it soak in water for a long time.

4: How to clean the brush?
A: After each use, remove the brush head, wash the brush head and body directly with water from the tap, then placed in ventilated place to make it dry.

5: It is charging or batteries, how to charge?
A: No battery, charging is made of inductive charging, safe and convenient.

6: Does one brush head be shared with a few people? How long should I change the brush head?
A: Suggest one people use one brush head separately, head better to be changed a new one per 3 months.



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